A-Fest VICE-Doku: Inside the Wellness Festival for Millionaires

‚A-Fest‘ is an annual super-elite, invite-only festival that promises to radically change your life. Run by MindValley, this is distilled, silicon valley alt-wellness marketed to millionaires and aspirational millionaires across the globe. The man behind the whole business is Vishen Lakhiani. He progressed from selling meditation CDs online to owning a $40 million company with thousands of loyal followers around the world.

Although normally over $3000, VICE’s Sydney Lima has been gifted a golden ticket to the event to discover whether she can become less negative and pathetic, setting herself up for a future of spiritual and business success.

A-Fest is an event designed by Vishen Lakhiani to bring together amazing people from around the world to connect, grow and learn from each other and the world’s best teachers. It takes place in 5-star paradise locations across the world. These events gather an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries, and more. A-Fest is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. Since A-Fest is best expressed in visuals and not words, watch the After-Movie of previous events.

Trailer AFest

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