Bee Network Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Bee Network?

Bee Network is blockchain innovation that aim to bring gamification into real world by rewarding people for their contribution. Bee Network actively working with their mobile app as main product. Project community cross 200k mark on social media and speaking about milestone total 18 million has already joined network.

Bee network believes to run network there is no need of supercomputer with that they simply reward people for running their app on any mobile. Every user need to open application for every 24 hours to start mining or to get rewards. This process will avoid bot interaction and also confirm real human is mining cryptocurrency.

User has given different role in the network that include Pioneer, Ambassador and Verifier. Initially Pioneer role will be assigned to every new joining who instantly get base rate of earning bee token. If user refer friends then base rate will get reduced but user will get token proportional to the number of referral numbers. Ambassador will be playing major role in development of project, where they interact with team and founders. Verifier role come in the picture after phase 2 start, in which they need to verify of identity of miner with KYU process.

Bee Network Price Prediction

As of writing, there no official news about how much supply will be available at initial stage and number of token being distributed within community. So, we currently can predict price of Bee Token, but with community and growing interest in play to earn games, bee token value can go up to $0.001 USD.

Vigorus Overview

Project name Bee Network
Ticker Symbol BEE
Official website
Total Supply NA
Launched year 2021
Network NA
Exchange NA
Wallet Bee Wallet

Bee Network Token Price Analysis

Bee Network listing price is hard to prediction, as project recently role out KYC verification for user. Due to higher number of people Bee network KYC opening in round format, as user need to submit passport as mentioned by official. Bee Network need to wait until bull run of market otherwise most of project currently failing to hold price above public sale. Similarly most of people will trying to take profit as soon as BEE token list on exchange and number of holder also sees huge drop. Team can go with locking or vesting of token, where certain amount of token will unlocked at TGE and other token will be vested on monthly basis.


If they launch utility product in upcoming, then investing Bee will be worthy.

Will Bee Token Reach $1 USD?

not quite possible in next 10 years.


PI network and Bee network in recent year become most talked project due to its number of token rewarded to user for just installing app on mobile. Bee network gained huge rating on Android and Apple store, as count of new user continue to grow with referral program. However, Bee Network team has significantly working on product and updating community, but now liquidity will be the factor that will come into picture when listing taking place on any exchange. However, they already planned token omics but more clarity need to be address. We still suggest to do your research and don’t falls for scam.

Disclaimer: We Provide Expected Price Prediction of Cryptocurrency based on Previous data and analysis which is not 100% correct. So do your own research before investing, as it very volatile market and you need to careful with your investment. first research about project, check it is listed on top tier exchanges and their audit report.

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