Greg Grippo’s Family Trolled Over Victoria Fuller ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Reunion Backlash

Greg Grippo’s Family Trolled Over Victoria Fuller ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Reunion Backlash

Greg Grippo claims his family has been trolled and harassed after his messy appearance on the Bachelor In Paradise reunion.

Bachelor In Paradise fans are outraged after the reunion aired on Tuesday and have been trolling the reality stars. The chaos surrounds the scandalous entanglement between Victoria Fuller, Johnny DePhillipo and Greg Grippo.

Bachelor In Paradise

The Bachelorette alum shocked fans when he joined his new girlfriend, Victoria Fuller, on the reunion stage as she confirmed her split from fiancé Johnny DePhillipo – and debuted matching tattoos.

“Send all the hate that you desire my way but please leave my mother and fam out of this,” Grippo wrote via Instagram Thursday morning. He continued, “enjoy your thanksgiving.”

Greg Grippo

The post was shared one day after Victoria Fuller called out her former Bachelor In Paradise beau.

“When you get called a ‘f–king c–t’ in your relationship, it’s time to move on,” the reality star, who appeared on Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor,” wrote on Instagram.

Victoria Fuller

Greg Grippo is requesting fans stop going after his family with hate amid the fallout from the Bachelor In Paradise reunion.

Messy Bachelor In Paradise producers showed footage of Victoria’s romantic engagement to Johnny DePhillipo on the beach, before producers Greg was introduced on stage.

After Victoria revealed the couple’s matching tattoos, Greg chimed in, “Well that’s — I guess we’re gonna do that.”

“It says ‘ciao,’ it’s in Italian for ‘hi,’” he explained, while the rest of the Bachelor In Paradise cast gasped, unable to hide their shock.

Bachelor In Paradise

“I get it’s not the best look in the world,” he said of their speedy relationship following the cheating allegations surrounding the pair.

Bachelor In Paradise

Victoria chimed in, “Everyone can hate us if they f—king want.”

Bachelor In Paradise

Victoria claims she and Johnny DePhillipo called off their engagement less than one month after Bachelor In Paradise filming wrapped.

Bachelor In Paradise

However, Johnny DePhillipo, claims his ex BIP love is lying. According to Johnny, they “officially” broke up in mid-September and were “in couples counseling before she went to Italy” with Greg the following month.

Johnny DePhillipo

Fans dragged the couple on social media following the Bachelor In Paradise reunion. One person wrote, “All i need to hear is that Victoria told Johnny not to worry about Greg and then went and dated him…. that’s shady.”

Another person joked, “Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller deserve each other. They are both horrible human beings. This season seemed to have lots of kind men getting screwed over by wicked women. Casting needs to do better.”

Someone else joked, “Victoria showing off Greg as if he’s a catch is SENDING ME. Like, gurl…He’s embarrassing.”

A fan tweeted, ” Victoria Fuller is just scummy. She and Greg on the finale were just plain gross.”

“Don’t you start Victoria. Your timeline and Greg’s didn’t add up for shit. It’s clear you cheated. You deserve to be called that and more if you cheat idc what anyone says…” Another observed.

Someone stated, “Victoria saying Johnny is the “man of her dreams” while Greg Grippo is waiting backstage for her is the wildest thing about this reunion.”


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