Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction – 2022, 2025, 2030

Hedera (HBAR) Overview

🪙 Cryptocurrency Hedera
💱 Ticker Symbol HBAR
🏆 Rank 37
💸 Market Cap $1,080,802,367
💲 Price $0.047057
🚀 Trading Volume $13,146,878
📈 Price Change (24h) -2.20%
💰 Current Supply 22,968,168,351
  • Bullish Hedera (HBAR) price predictions range between $0.211754 and $0.461154 by 2030.
  • Market analysts believe HBAR could reach $0.211754 by 2025.
  • Bearish Hedera market price prediction for 2022 is $0.037645.

Hedera (HBAR) Introduction

Software engineer Leemon Baird and technological executive Mance Harmon in the Hedera governing council devised the Hedera Hashgraph. In 2015, Baird and Harmon launched Swirlds as a strategic alliance.

To construct and run a live system, Hedera, utilizing its innovation, Swirlds spun out an organization called Hedera, afterwards renamed Hedera Hashgraph.

Through a clear commitment to upcoming token offerings, Hedera Hashgraph has generated $124 million by selling its HBAR cryptocurrency in 2018. 

Hedera Hashgraph, which debuted as a private network, intends to progressively permit other companies to join the network before it is made public later.

What Is the Hedera (HBAR)?

The Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency, a special kind of blockchain, is where the cryptocurrency Hedera is located. Agreements, DApps, and virtual currencies are all fueled by the Hedera Hashgraph.

A new variation of the solid evidence consensus algorithm is used to support the Hedera Hashgraph, and the HBAR currency provides incentives for transactional validators.

Big employers, including Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Boeing, LG, Google, T-Mobile, Nomura, and others, own and run Hedera.

Hedera (HBAR) Unique Characteristics

In contrast to concrete evidence for blockchains like Bitcoin, the Hedera Hashgraph network relies on distinctive interprocess communication.

A network of nodes uses a “gossip method” technique run by major corporations like Google and IBM to enable quick, inexpensive transactions on the Hedera distributed ledger. 

HBAR claims the network can process more than 10,000 transactions per second with a verification and resolution time of 3 to 5 seconds. Hadera uses a tiny portion of the energy that the most well-known blockchains do, with an average trading cost of just $0.0001.

Tips For Mining Hedera (HBAR)

The Hedera network relies on a variety of powerful nodes that talk to each other using the gossip protocol to push recent transaction histories from nearby nodes out into the network for incredibly quick final settlement times.


To join the infrastructure, nodes that connect with the acquisition of Hedera Hashgraph must be recruited.

Hedera (HBAR) Technical Analysis

The study of commodities using chart patterns to verify the HBAR coin price prediction and other criteria is known as technical analysis, or TA. It is a technique for analyzing the market using signals and specially designed tools. Market participants can use this method to identify equal chances for trading or investment and check the Hedera Hashgraph HBAR price prediction.

Normally, technical analysis is based on historical data about an asset, such as market, turnover, etc., which exposes patterns that can be utilized to predict what is likely to occur.

The analysis of assets using technical indicators is known as technical analysis (TA). A market cap analysis method uses indicators made specifically for the task.

Depending on the circumstances, traders and investors use this method to identify opportunities for trades or investments.

Technical analysis may be based on past information about an asset, such as price, volume, etc., which exposes trends that can be used to predict what is likely to occur.

Indicators of Cryptocurrency Based on Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of digital currencies can be conducted using a variety of line graphs and chart patterns.

Users fascinated by technical analysis can study the maximum price, market cap, average price, maximum value, Hedera hashgraph price forecast, or any other data associated with the Hedera price forecast using the critical indicators provided below.

Ichimoku Indicator

Ichimoku is a trend predictor that appears intricate but is relatively simple. This solitary Japanese marker was created to show endorsement levels, show the latest situation, and alert users when a tendency is likely to be reversed.

The Stochastic Indicator

The stochastic offers analysts a unique way to identify price fluctuations by calculating the distance between the current atlas value and the deepest low over the past X period. Then, this length is split by the gap between the lowest price and the highest cost during the same time frame.

The line, percent K, is first transformed into the moving average, % D, which is then projected on the percentage K.

Pivot Points

Pivot points are one of the most commonly used symbols across all markets, covering stocks, bullion, and currency. They are created using a formula based on the maximum, minimum, and high prices from the previous period.

Traders use these lines as prospective support areas and obstacles, where it would be difficult for price to pass through.

Trend Indicators

Markers that follow trends were created to help dealers trade exchange rates that were rising or falling. The saying “the pattern is your friend” is well-known; these indicators can help us figure out a trend’s course and prove its presence.

CCI Indicator

The Commodity Channel Index Indicator has no lower or higher constraint on its amplitude, in comparison to many oscillators.

With 0 serving as the midline, the overpriced and oversold levels begin at +100 and -100, correspondingly. Breaks over -100 are sought after by purchasers, while bidders search after breaks below +100.

Donchian Channels

Lines below and above the recent price action that display large and small values over a considerable time are accompanied by high channels, also referred to as Donchian Channels.

These zones can operate as either support or resistance if the price crosses them again.

Candlestick Charts

On a price chart for a commodity, candlesticks are a systematic way to show price changes, price analysis and hbar coin price predictions. Candlestick charts, which are normally utilized in technical analysis, can reveal far more about a market’s price behavior than a line chart for a look.

The main reason candlesticks are so popular is that they provide more information than a typical line graph would: whether the market increased or decreased during a session, as well as its highest, lowest, starting, and closing values.

 In addition, candlesticks are helpful in trading since they show four cost structures over the chosen period.

  1. Opening price
  2. Minimum price
  3. Maximum price
  4. Closing price

The following are a few typical bearish and bullish trend candlestick styles:

  • Hammer
  • Three White Soldiers
  • Morning Star
  • Bullish Engulfing
  • Bearish Harami
  • Evening Star
  • Shooting Star
  • Hanging Man
  • Dark Cloud Cover

Hedera Hashgraph Correlation

The prices of Stacks (STX), NEO (NEO), eCash (XEC), Klaytn (KLAY), and Zilliqa (ZIL) had the highest positive correlations. In contrast, Fei USD (FEI), Magic Internet Money (MIM), Chain (XCN), Frax (FRAX), and UNUS SED LEO had the highest negative correlations (LEO).

What are the death cross and golden cross of Hedera Hashgraph?

When the SMA for the 50-days of the Hedera Hashgraph crosses below the SMA for the 200-day, a fatal cross is created. A death crossing is often interpreted by traders as a pessimistic indicator for future price movement. The reliability of this gauge is in question, though.

Hedera (HBAR) Hashgraph Fundamental Analysis

Investors use this approach to estimate the “true value” of a Hedera coin and others. The main objective is to evaluate numerous external and internal factors to discover if a coin is overpriced or underrated. Investors make use of this data to inform investing decisions.

One issue that needs to be resolved before trading cryptocurrencies is fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis can give the trader a sense of how currency manipulation and speculation will affect cryptocurrencies and how to move forward.

Technical analysis is not as important as this subject, necessitating more consideration, research, and real-world experience than formal training.

Fundamental Analysis’s Aim

The following objectives are served by the fundamental study of the crypto space.

  • Projecting future price movement
  • Making a fair value or average price calculation
  • Management evaluation
  • Evaluating the company’s level of competitiveness
  • Assessing the organisation’s financial situation

Fundamental Analyzation Elements

There are three critical components to fundamental analysis:

  • Economic evaluation
  • Business analysis
  • Industry research

A comprehensive model like Fundamental Analysis requires a solid grasp of accounting, finance, and economics. For instance, completing fundamental analyses means knowledge of systemic issues, being familiar with valuation techniques, and having the ability to assess financial documentation.

Additionally, it typically forecasts future development in using information that is readily accessible to the public, such as a company’s prior earnings and higher profits.

Hedera (HBAR) Current Price

Hedera is currently worth $0.047057 USD. HBAR has moved -2.20% in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $13,146,878. Hedera is currently ranked 37 amongst all cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $1,080,802,367 USD.

Utilizing the relative strength index (RSI), moving weighted average (MWA), williams fractal (fractal) and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) from the chart above, we can determine price patterns for Hedera (HBAR) to decide wether it is going to have a bullish or bearish year.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $0.056468 $0.065879 $0.070585
2023 $0.094113 $0.103524 $0.117641
2024 $0.14117 $0.150581 $0.164698
2025 $0.188226 $0.197637 $0.211754
2026 $0.235283 $0.244694 $0.258811
2027 $0.282339 $0.291751 $0.305867
2028 $0.329396 $0.338807 $0.352924
2029 $0.376452 $0.385864 $0.399981
2030 $0.423509 $0.442331 $0.461154

Price prediction data provided by Hedera Price Prediction

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2022

Hedera, according to some, is one of the most amazing cryptocurrencies to rise this year (HBAR). The HBAR price forecast for 2022 anticipates a significant increase in the year’s second half, possibly reaching $0.070585.

As with other cryptocurrencies, the rise will be gradual, but no considerable drops are expected. Averaging $0.065879 in price is quite ambitious, but it is feasible in the near future given anticipated collaborations and advancements. HBAR is expected to have a minimum value of $0.056468.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, Hedera HBAR price prediction has much room for expansion. As a result of the potential announcements of numerous new partnerships and initiatives, we anticipate that the price of HBAR will soon surpass $0.117641. However, we should wait to see if the HBAR’s relative strength index comes out of the oversold zone before placing any bullish bets.

Considering the market volatility, HBAR will trade with a minimum trading price of $0.094113 and an average trading price of $0.103524.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2024

If the upward trend continues until 2024, it could reach $0.164698 and HBAR may profit. If the market experiences a decline, the goal may not be met. HBAR is expected to trade at an average price of $0.150581 and a low of $0.14117 in 2024.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2025

If Hedera successfully boosts market sentiment among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the HBAR coin price could remain stable for the next five years.

According to our projections, HBAR will be green in 2025. The HBAR is expected to reach and surpass its all-time high in 2025. In 2025, the virtual currency will be worth $0.211754, with a minimum price of $0.188226 and an average price of $0.197637.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2026

After some extensive forecasting and technical analysis, we estimate the HBAR price is expected to cross an average price level of $0.244694 by 2026, with a minimum price of $0.235283 expected before the end of the year. Furthermore, HBAR has a maximum price value of $0.258811.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2027

Due to the future partnerships that are expected to happen by 2027, we are expecting that a bullish trend will continue, bringing the average price to around $0.291751. If HBAR manages to break the resistant level in 2027, we could see a maximum price of $0.305867, failing to gather the support HBAR needs by 2027 could result in a low of $0.282339.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2028

While HBAR is striving towards interoperability between networks to hasten interaction, the bullish trend from the previous year is expected to continue. So the minimum trade price has been placed at $0.329396 and a yearly price close above $0.352924 in 2028.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2029

By 2029, Hedera will finally surpass its previous ATH values and record new price levels. The minimum price could be $0.376452 and potentially reach a maximum price value of $0.399981, averaging out at $0.385864.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction 2030

The cryptocurrency market is known to be highly volatile which is one of the many reasons why price forecasting is a difficult task. BitcoinWisdom tries our best to forecast future price points with precision, however all predictions should not be taken as financial advice and you should DYOR (do your own research). In 2030, we are expecting cryptocurrency to have gained adoption across many sectors. As such, the maximum HBAR price in 2030 is projected to be $0.461154 in the event of a bull run, with an average price level of $0.442331.


Hedera Hashgraph platform has grown steadily since launching its mainnet in 2019. Its claims that it can sustain more than 10,000 interactions per second (tps) for regular hbar token exchanges have so far been validated.

Nevertheless, for transactions that activate a shared ledger, the bandwidth is currently throttled to 10 tps. This is comparable to Ethereum and other blockchains that support smart contracts.

A team of highly skilled experts at LeewayHertz has a thorough understanding of the nascent Hedera hashgraph technology.

By leveraging Hashgraph to create innovative and secure solutions, they support enterprises. 

It would be a good investment to invest in Hedera Hashgraph network, as per the expected maximum price value, average trading value, minimum price value, average trading price, significant volatility, Hedera price prediction, current price, distributed ledger technology, average forecast price, the cryptocurrency market, own research, and Hedera Hashgraph forecast, among different factors.

Premium Hedera (HBAR) Price Predictions

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What is the Hedera (HBAR) price today?

Today, Hedera (HBAR) is trading at $0.047057 with a total market capitalization of $1,080,802,367.

Is Hedera a good investment?

Hedera proved to be one of the most talked about coins in the crypto space this past year. With this in mind, it is wise to say that HBAR is a good choice of investment.

How high can Hedera go?

The average price of Hedera (HBAR) can possibly reach $0.065879 this year. Over the next 5 years, it is projected that Hedera may surpass $0.305867.

How much will Hedera be worth in 5 years?

Based on the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and Hedera, a long term investment in HBAR could see the price rise to $0.305867 within the next 5 years.

How much will Hedera be worth in 10 years?

If you invest in Hedera today, as with any investment, a long term increase is expected. The price of HBAR could possibly rise to $0.550561 within the next 10 years.

What will the Hedera price be in 2023?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.117641 by 2023.

What will the Hedera price be in 2024?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.164698 by 2024.

What will the Hedera price be in 2025?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.211754 by 2025.

What will the Hedera price be in 2026?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.258811 by 2026.

What will the Hedera price be in 2027?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.305867 by 2027.

What will the Hedera price be in 2028?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.352924 by 2028.

What will the Hedera price be in 2029?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.399981 by 2029.

What will the Hedera price be in 2030?

Hedera (HBAR) price is expected to reach $0.461154 by 2030.

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