What is web 3.0 Technology? Why is this Important?

What is web 3.0 Technology? Why is this Important?

Why is it so high in the crypto trade? We will study its nature. Consider how it works, how it works, what its subject matter is, and what its basics are. What is web 3.0 and its examples? What is web 3.0 and why is it important? We will talk about all these things today.

This is an important aspect of Web 3.0 Metaverse. It is a technology that has been created on the blockchain and it is a part of crypto like crypto, it will be recognized by the whole world in future times.

People who used the Internet before 1999 used DOS, meaning they could only read things, but in 1999 came the modern form Web2, which added more options.

Increased means we can publish any image ourselves and give any feedback on someone’s post and there is a lot more involved in this and in today’s world we only use Web 2 on the internet this web. There are 2 forms.

What is web 3.0 and its examples?

The main reason and purpose behind the creation of Web 3 after Web 2 is that the projects that are going to be released in the future, including Metaverse at the top, are not completely possible on Web 2.

For example, if we want to send our image via Metaverse and the net facility is suspended there or a specific app in our country such as YouTube is shut down, then our published content that we sent on YouTube is exactly the same. In short, the control of the center is in the hands of someone else and if it is explained in simple words then all the control will be in your hands and you can arrange these things yourself in a way.

Is Web 3.0 a blockchain?

The point is that it will be fully decentralized and ICP will work on the same thing that has long wanted a decentralized net, and in the time to come, with the release of Web 3, ICP which looks so thin, is also a lot. It will show good potential as much as it is a Metaverse token, Mana NFT, etc. All these are developing so much under MetaVerce and all of them will be moving towards further improvement with the advent of Web3.0

Nowadays the URL we use to go to the address of a website is centralized and we can only rent it and get access to our desired website. Yes, but there are many websites that are decentralized and you only have to pay the rent in the beginning and not later and you can buy its URL and their system is very modern.

Can I make money with Web3.0?

It is also worth noting here that as we have discussed in detail in the previous column about the Metaverse, the success of this erased throne depends on the same web 3. This is how the world of crypto works. Began studying Metaverse and at the same time, Web3 appeared. Just understand that unless things are decentralized, these new things will not succeed.

Future of Web 3.0

Sells and during all this, our role is just like that of a servant. If we want to own something then we need web 3 and without it, it is not possible if we want to control any of our projects. And if you want to subordinate any project, all this is possible only on Web3. Knowing this situation, it can be estimated that where many countries are talking about taking action against the corrupt, what is the plan of the corrupt and it is going to decentralize the Internet in the future.